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How a Marketing Pro is Growing Revenue for her Association

Inside ATPE's marketing campaign

Delivering great content, meaningful connections, empowering events and education is the business of all association professionals. But for Kate Johanns, marketing and communications director for the Association of Texas Professional Educators, it goes beyond business—it’s personal. “I’ve been at ATPE for 13 years now, and I’ve been extremely honored to work here,” she said. “I am a product of Texas public schools and have greatly benefited from the wonderful work of our members. We are dedicated to providing educators resources and support to focus on their students, and not worry about lobbying. Whatever they need, ATPE is there for them.”

She oversees the team that creates and distributes all of the external facing and internal communications for ATPE. “We manage everything from our annual membership campaign to our website to social media and everything in-between.”

Like many marketing professionals, Johanns is a confessed data junkie who relies on numbers to ensure the greatest impact from her team’s efforts. So she was underwhelmed with the system she inherited when she returned to ATPE as a boomerang employee after a five-year hiatus. “I couldn’t get in there and do things hands-on. The data reports I was getting weren’t very granular.”

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