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Predictions for the Post-pandemic Office

Remote work is not going away

Having spent a year working remotely because of the pandemic, many associations are wondering what the workplace of the near future is going to look like. One expert says remote work will still be a key component of workplaces moving forward, with many working at home and some staff in the office.

“Many organizations have been forced to carry out remote work this year as the result of the pandemic and have found that, in many instances, remote work is very successful and very effective,” said Timothy Golden, Ph.D, a professor of management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute whose research focuses on remote work, telework, telecommuting and virtual interactions. “As we move forward, companies are beginning to consider how to institutionalize this within the way that they work on a permanent basis going forward.”

In fact, remote work is going to be so much a part of life that Golden predicts many large organizations will add a C-suite executive focused solely on remote work.

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