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Four Ways to Build on Your Pandemic Shift to Digital

A lot has changed this past year

A lot has changed this past year. Before last March, a Zoom meeting may have required a lengthy introduction explaining the technology. Today it is ubiquitous. We meet in teleconference rooms, attend virtual tradeshows, and have come to know our coworkers' home decor, children and pets.

The change in the way we conduct business is here to stay, and as a result, associations need to rethink their business models and prepare for the future. Associations have the heavy responsibility of delivering value and relevant information to members. Due to COVID-19, this responsibility has become more difficult than ever. Now it is essential to discover and implement new pathways to connect with your community and deliver value.

Members want to feel part of a connected and innovative community. Whether that’s as simple as sharing ideas in digital spaces with like-minded people or attending a large conference, they want to be part of something that represents opportunity. Failure to deliver such an experience puts your entire association at risk.

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