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Simplicity Can be a Trap

Consider this listing of organizational elements

Most people in top management want to have everything that relates to people be as simple as possible so that everyone in the organization, significant stakeholders and customers can understand it.

Consider this listing of organizational elements made simple:

  • Vision: One page or, better yet, one phrase
  • Values: Five, maximum
  • Mission: One to three phrases
  • Strategy: Three initiatives
  • Culture: Seven to nine principles and goals (some argue for only three or four)
  • Policy manual: Five pages
  • Performance ratings: Three categories: at standard, below or above.

Why keep these simple? So that all can understand them. Each of these elements should be memorable so people remember it when they are solving problems and making decisions. Sticky, so they don’t have to find it and read it again. Compelling, so that it feels right and is motivating. Essential, so that it covers everything needed.

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