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POS Upgrades Are Worth It for SMBs

What a POS system should be able to do today

Integral to a small retail business is having a point-of-sale (POS) system that makes business run smoothly. Many merchants still utilize old POS systems like ledgers and spreadsheets which eat up resources and slow progress. And even the merchants that use POS systems tend to take them for granted and forget to update them.

But today’s POS technology is sophisticated and does so much more than just make simple payments which is why every merchant should consider an upgrade if they have not already.

What Should a POS System Be Able to Do Today?
When merchants work with an outdated POS system, the features that newer systems come with might be surprising. LinkedIn contributor Shmuly Preizler, an expert on POS systems, recently outlined a list of the tasks that a robust POS system should have the ability to perform.

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