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For CEOs, It’s an Era of High Expectations About Soft Skills

Hiring committees are prompting CEOs to do more than pay it lip service

Soft skills have always been important for leaders. We want executives who demonstrate empathy, emotional intelligence, and a capacity to understand a variety of viewpoints. But they may be even more important these days.

Consider some findings from a survey of more than 300 C-suite executives in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore conducted in January by the marketing firm WE Communications.

The survey found that 89 percent of leaders “believe purpose is becoming as important as financial results”; the same percentage say that engaging with issues affecting employees is a “moral obligation.” Sizable majorities say it’s now more important for them to state their personal values (71 percent) and that it will be critical to learn from their employees and stakeholders in the coming year (69 percent).

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