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Weekly Now: Despite the Pandemic, Job Satisfaction Is Up

April 27, 2021

The nature of work has changed dramatically in the past year, with layoffs, cutbacks and the general economic crisis putting workers and the employers that hire them in a tough spot.

Despite that, one new study shows that worker satisfaction has climbed to its highest in two decades. Research from The Conference Board found that job satisfaction in 2020 hit 56.9 percent, nearly 15 points higher than the 42.6 percent nadir a decade earlier. Additionally, worker engagement is up, hitting 54.3 percent in November 2020.

Driving this growth, according to The Conference Board, was a focus on well-being efforts, with employers showing support and flexibility during the pandemic, helping raise workers’ moods. That said, there was room for improvement in some areas—despite job satisfaction rising overall, it fell among those under age 35, and the potential for further shifts in the labor market could add more wrinkles to that dynamic in the coming years.

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