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Now Could be the Time to Revamp Your Organization's Job Titles

Consider using the following guidelines

A good job title is a little like good marketing: The right words can entice the right audience. On the other hand, titles that are outdated, too broad, or too niche can give the wrong impression of the job and can get in the way of finding the talent you’re after.

"Job titles that don’t accurately reflect the role within the organization or are written to be cutting-edge will lead to prospective employees not searching for, or finding, an employment posting," said Nonprofit HR's Lori Kipnis, managing director of strategy and advisory, and Lisa McKeown, managing director of benefits and compensation.

Understanding how to better align job titles with the roles they're meant to describe can give your association a leg up on finding talented people who fit the organization. But how do you know when a job title needs reworking? There are a few indicators, one being when there's no correlation between compensation and title. For example, having a manager, an advisor and a director on the same pay grade could indicate that your titles need an overhaul to more accurately reflect each job's level of responsibility.

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