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The Challenges Associated with Stuttering and Public Speaking

Overcoming this is extremely difficult

Meet John Moore – longtime corporate marketing executive at famous brand names like Whole Foods and Starbucks. Nobody is more competitive than Moore. He is driven to be the best. Nothing will stand in his way… not even his stuttering. Moore calls himself "The Stuttering Presenter."

While most people, whether they stutter or not, cringe at the idea of speaking in public, Moore embraces it. He has given more than 250 presentations around the world, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Banff, Quebec City and Moscow. He's also spoken throughout the U.S., including Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia.

"At age two and a half, my parents knew that something wasn’t right with the way I spoke," said Moore. "I had issues with consonants, so starting in kindergarten I was taken out of class for speech therapy. It was great to get help, but there was also the stigma of being different." Moore also had a twin sister who did not stutter. "She was always positioned as smarter. She was placed in higher level classes, while I was put in lower levels."

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