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Promoting Managers From Within vs. Hiring Externally

Determining what's better

We can all agree that work looks very different in the midst of a global health pandemic. After months of getting used to working from home, a full calendar of Zoom calls and no definite plan for getting back to the old “normal,” your job may feel completely different than it did a year ago, even if your title or position hasn’t changed.

Of course, the new normal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about your next promotion. Even if your company is restructuring or making changes in an effort to respond to the pandemic, you might be in a good position to take on new responsibilities and possibly even more pay. The transition from employee to manager can make a sizable difference in your compensation, no matter in what industry you work.

But what does it look like when companies make the decision to bring someone in from the outside versus hiring from within? To find out, we surveyed 1,000 working Americans about their perspective on boss preferences. Let’s take a closer look as we explore when employees prefer bringing in proven outside talent rather than promoting internally and how these opinions change based on manager and company size.

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