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Will Your Home Security System Work if the Power Goes Out?

Here's what you need to know about battery and cellular backups

Power and internet outages create challenging dilemmas for smart homes. Along with leaving you in the dark, it can disable the security system of your house, especially if you don't have a battery or cellular backup readily available. What's more, it's possible for burglars to intentionally target you -- cutting your phone line, for instance. (Cutting power is much rarer.)

So, how vulnerable are you really to these sorts of incidents? This guide will help explain what you need to keep your system running when the lights or the internet go out, and which providers offer which types of protection.

How does my system connect to the monitoring company?

To work correctly, home security systems generally need to be connected to two things: power and the internet. These connections allow them to communicate with users and monitoring services, and they're essential for your security equipment to transmit signals between devices. Security companies have largely moved away from relying on phone lines, though there are a few notable exceptions, such as ADT, which still offers landline options.

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