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Membership Memo: Tap Your Real-time Data

Behavioral data reveals member preferences

An all-digital world has opened the door to more revealing member data. Members are connecting more through online platforms like social media, online community forums, and virtual events, which is painting a much more accurate picture of their interests. Tracking these behaviors, often in real time, will help associations be more responsive to member needs.

“We can use all of these disparate pieces of data of how a member interacted with a virtual meeting, content, or on social media, to paint a richer picture,” said Tom Lyons, director of IT at the American Society for Microbiology.

The ASM team is looking at member behavioral and demographic data to improve their understanding of what members are really interested in. “What we’re trying to do is find things of meaning and value to the people in our community,” Lyons said. Behaviors provide a more realistic glimpse into member preferences than an outdated member profile.

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