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This Creative Exercise Can Bring Diversity of Thought to Your Work

Ethics conversations among coworkers can serve as a valuable release

Navigating the present-day world in an ethical manner is confusing. Views collide on social media and immediately repel each other into opposite corners of public debates. Societies around the world are changing rapidly and face tremendous new challenges. And emerging technology is advancing the edge of what’s possible daily, whether that’s automating work or sending people to Mars. It’s complicated to wield your design abilities in the pursuit of creative approaches to global and local needs, so this effort is critically important.

To act and design in an ethically responsible manner, you must put personal effort into understanding ethical tensions and conflicts. If you try to follow any predefined “safe” rules, you will soon find that they fall flat, especially as things change. Ethics is a process of learning, not of compliance. Making time to think about ethics throughout your life helps you interpret and update your behaviors and approaches over time as values, norms and codes of conduct shift in your society.

Given that people have different points of view, most decisions or actions you take can be viewed as both moral and immoral at the same time. Design and ethics have this in common: There are no single right solutions—just choices that have positives and negatives.

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