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New Data Shows How COVID-19 Has Changed the Workplace

New data sheds light on how COVID-19 has changed benefits and culture

The pandemic—and its resultant closures and safety requirements—changed the way many people worked. New survey data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is showing the ways employee benefits and workplace culture shifted during the pandemic. And two experts from the group offer some advice on what employers can do with the data.

The 2020 Employee Benefits survey looked at how the pandemic changed the benefits landscape—showing both what was offered and what employees prioritized. According to the data, organizations expanded these benefits most: telework (78 percent), telemedicine services allowed in health plans (43 percent), leave to care for children (39 percent), leave to care for adult family (27 percent), and mental health services (25 percent).

A minority of organizations reduced benefits: 7 percent reduced their 401(k) match, 4 percent reduced compensation, and 2 percent reduced telework options.

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