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How COVID-19 Has Changed Influencer Marketing

And what it means for you

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the call for brands to do away with pretense and be authentic has gotten louder. As a result, the appeal of influencers—people who can champion a brand’s messaging without seeming artificial (and who can bring a social media following along with them)—has become much more clear.

“The influencer space has benefited in a big way from 2020’s mass pivot to virtual,” said Jennifer Vento, vice president at Geben Communication, an agency that works with influencers. “With the isolation of lockdowns, people looked to social media for meaningful connections and increased their time online, expanding the potential reach and impact of influencer content.”

At the same time, the pandemic has changed the viewfinder on influencers: How monetized do influencers expect the relationship to be? Have your influencers said anything about COVID-19 that might run counter to your association’s message? Consider these changes as you prepare to work with influencers.

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