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Vulnerability: A Leader's Superpower

Invulnerability works for Superman, but not real-life leaders

I have written before about how one of the superpowers any leader can have is transparency. Well, it turns out that there's another complementary superpower any leader needs if they want to build trust in a way that gets people to follow and execute on the vision you create--vulnerability.

Unlike Superman, whose only weakness is Kryptonite, a leader can be undone by thinking that he or she is invincible and that they can't possibly be wrong or make a mistake. If you want to be a great leader, you need to open yourself up.

1. Get Off Your Pedestal

We must realize that, as leaders, we can be intimidating at times. Maybe it's the big title, or the length of our résumé in terms of experience or education. Or maybe that it's that we seem to know every nook and cranny inside the business and what makes it tick. All of that can be a lot for the other people inside the organization to confront.

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