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How to Find the Right Micro-Influencer for Your Organization

Finding the right fit is more effective than getting a large influencer

When crafting an influencer marketing campaign, it might be tempting to catch a big fish with millions of followers. But finding the right influencer for your message and voice, not just one with a big following, is more likely to bring messaging success. So, where to start among the millions of influencers?

“Look for creators with audience loyalty and proven channel authority across multiple social platforms,” said Qianna Smith Bruneteau, founder of the American Influencer Council. “Follower count is a vanity metric.” Micro influencers and nano influencers may not have the reach of their more mainstream counterparts, but their followers tend to be loyal. Consider these tips from Bruneteau as you begin your hunt for the right social media influencer.

Define Your Goals

It’s not just about finding an influencer who fits your organization’s niche; it’s also about finding one who can produce the specific results you’re looking for. Consider your KPIs and the tone you want to set in your messaging.

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