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Amazon Announces a Plethora of New Products, Services

The e-commerce giant just held a massive invite-only press event

It's been a busy couple of months in tech. Today, Amazon held its big product event for the year, during which we usually get upgrades to popular devices. This year Amazon brought us a Nest competitor, Amazon's Smart Thermostat, the Echo Show 15 and it introduced Disney to Alexa with Hey Disney. The Amazon Glow for kids combines video calling with activities and the Halo View brings Amazon to your wrist.

There are more Blink products, and the Ring Alarm Pro lets a service monitor your home while you're away -- or the flying Always Home Cam drone can watch it for you. And Astro the robot brings wheels to Alexa, for $1,000.

But Amazon is also known for throwing wacky ideas at the wall. In previous years it's added Alexa smarts to a microwave or and built an analog clock. Amazon even created a mood ring, of sorts, that you can talk to. And don't forget the floating guard drone announced from its Ring division. 

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