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How to Give Positive Feedback When It Doesn’t Feel Natural

Plenty of leaders have hang-ups about how to share input with their teams

Delivering feedback is a cornerstone of how you help your teams grow. However, many leaders focus solely on constructive feedback and neglect to give their teams positive feedback. Leaders often tell me that providing positive feedback feels inauthentic. They don’t know how to share the input without it seeming contrived, or they have other mental blocks that can keep them from delivering a job well done."

If this sounds like you, here are four tips on how to give authentic, positive feedback to support your team's growth:

Recognize the Importance of Positive Feedback

Many leaders tell me they just want their teams to get the work done. They believe that no feedback is necessary if the teams are doing the work, because "it's their job to do good work." While this may be true at some level, there is a high cost for leaders who fail to share positive feedback: Without it, your best people will leave.

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