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Wiley Acquires Editorial Services Group

The company's never-ending expansion efforts continue

Today it was announced that Wiley has purchased J&J Editorial and once again, a major commercial publisher has acquired a previously publisher-agnostic service.

If you are not familiar with J&J Editorial, let me provide a brief background. J&J Editorial was founded by Jennifer Deyton and Julie Nash back in 2008. Deyton and Nash worked for a Wiley-published journal in support of the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) located in North Carolina. As was quite common at the time, the EIC of a journal would hire their own editorial team, usually located near their university. When the editor changed, so would the editorial team.

Journals and publishers realized that it was not efficient to change the editorial staff with each EIC change and busy editors were pushing back on the responsibility to manage an editorial team. Further, journal owners were one step removed from the management of one of their greatest assets. There was an obvious answer — bring editorial management in-house. And that is what most did. However, J&J Editorial offered another option.

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