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Know the Risks and Rewards of Interim Positions

An interim position can be a growth opportunity if expectations are clear, concise

There were two times I recall being in interim roles during my career. One went really well, and the other was a disaster. There are many reasons why people end up being an Interim (fill in the blank Title), but usually it stems from a boss resigning or leaving the organization in some way, and someone has to  fill in while the organization figures out what to do about the vacancy. The length of time for interim roles can vary, but I have seen interim appointments last almost a year or more (which, by the way, is not good!).

What I have seen for myself, and from working with my coaching clients who have been interim leaders, is that there are ways to successfully navigate an interim position and make it a great opportunity – and there are pitfalls to avoid so that the experience does not end up being a huge anxiety-producing disappointment.

If you are currently in an interim role or you’re managing someone in an interim role, here are a few things I recommend to ensure success for interim leaders.

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