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Rogue Americans Stashed Assets Offshore, Impeding Investigators

What's in the Pandora papers

The Pee Wee football coach lives in the same nursing home as his grandmother.

Mark Ryan, not yet 42, sits in a wheelchair, drinks from a sippy cup and gestures with the one arm he can still move freely. “I BELIEVE,” reads a plastic sign hooked to the top of a customized iPad his parents bought him early on, sometime after he settled into the sterile room with a stuffed bear and a relentless parade of sitcoms.

Ryan was an 18-year-old athlete when he went to Hollywood and 20when he returned home, hooked on pain pills and alcohol, and too afraid to tell his parents what had happened to him and the other young men invited to extravagant Los Angeles parties hosted by entertainment executive Marc Collins-Rector.

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