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Three Winning Moves Every Business Needs to Steal From LeBron James

Some simple strategies behind reaching excellence amongst stiff competition

LeBron James, King of Basketball is a game-changer and record-breaker, but not just because of his multiple championships or status as the all-time playoff scoring leader in NBA history. He has left competitors blindsided, fans in awe, and kids across the nation inspired not just to dream, but to shoot their shots in pursuit of their greatest goals. 

LeBron is the first NBA player to be esteemed by the FBI as, "what the "endless pursuit of excellence looks like." And even you're not courtside, but a founder too focused on building a successful business to have time for pastimes, there are three universal moves every player in the startup world needs to learn from LeBron James if they want to become the best in the business. 

Never Outgrow the Fundamentals 

James has said that he would practice shooting hoops all day. And when he said all day, he meant all day--not just a couple of hours or for the afternoon, but all day. 

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