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Professional Membership Tip: An Update to Better Meet Member Needs

Oct. 7, 2021

Many associations were significantly affected by the pandemic, especially ones in the healthcare field, like the Urgent Care Association. A wave of people coming into urgent care centers to get tested for the coronavirus led to many unforeseen challenges, like a markedly increased workload that put a strain on staffing, and more. With a growing industry to represent, UCA recognized it needed to make some updates to better meet member needs.

“We are doing a reassessment of everything that we do and everything we offer to our members to make sure that we’re meeting their new needs,” said Cindy Simpson, CAE, administrative assistant at UCA. “As their needs have changed, especially over the past year and a half, we realized that we need to change so we can continue to remain relevant.”

How Does It Work?

UCA looped in its board and members for a series of discussions to identify and realign programming to make sure it can continue to attract and retain members. The group started with a series of internal exercises to look at everything they were offering members and grading them in terms of relevance.

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