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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Open Access:

Gerald Beasley Interviews Timon Oefelein (Part 2 of 2)

Gerald Beasley: What can publishers do to communicate and advocate the SDGs?

Timon Oefelein: The SDGs have an ambitious timeline — and the signs are that it will be very challenging indeed for governments to achieve the Goals by 2030. For there to be a chance of success, collaboration between all sectors of society will be needed. The UN themselves highlighted the important role of publishers when last year – with the International Publishers Association (IPA) they launched the SDG Publishers Compact. The Compact encourages publishers to help inform, develop and inspire action as champions of the Goals, and to develop their own sustainable practices. Publishing is one of only two sectors (the other being the media more generally) called out in this way.

Amongst the most direct ways that publishers can be ambassadors and promote the SDGs are by highlighting SDG-relevant content for their audiences, connecting communities interested in particular goals or tackling specific issues that are identified as target areas within a goal.

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