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Why Journalism's "Inverted Pyramid" Works for Content

Consumers are tired of the sales pitch

There is a familiar feeling of dread when exiting a grocery store only to be greeted by a smiling volunteer requesting “just a minute of your time.” No matter how strongly you support their cause or how authentic the volunteer is, it takes superhuman ability to let your guard down because you’re bracing yourself to be pitched. This is precisely how most customers feel about branded content.

Marketers, even with the best intentions, often over-index on creating content that follows a tired conversion funnel playbook. If each piece of content is conceptualized as a step toward generating a sale, the experience becomes transactional and the touch point becomes a missed opportunity to connect and build trust.

In a recent consumer behavior report, a quarter of respondents said they switch brands now more than ever. Researchers attribute the loyalty decline to consumers trying different brands as the pandemic accelerated a major shift toward online shopping. A national consumer survey also stated that 83 percent of customers say a positive experience with a brand is just as important as the service or product they purchased. These facts tell us that there is both a premium on loyalty and an opportunity to access that loyalty through creating content and brand experiences that are meaningful.

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