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The Future of the Workplace Is Already Developing

FYI: Remote work is here to stay

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the move to remote work accelerated during the pandemic. Although many jobs did not go remote, a large number of office workers, including many association professionals, began working from home in 2020 and many are still remote due to delta variant threats or organizational workplace decisions.

Other pressures on workplace and workforce, including changing urban downtowns and the growth of gig work, are shaping where and how people do their jobs. What will be the long-term effects of these shifts? Several driver-of-change action briefs from the latest release of the ASAE ForesightWorks Complete Collection provide forecasts and strategies.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

The “A World Reshaped by COVID” action brief forecasts that remote work will continue to grow in many fields. Leaders will need to address numerous changes and challenges, including determining who works remotely and by which criteria and answering new questions about flexible schedules, where employees live, and talent acquisition, compensation and benefits. These changes will raise related questions about equity.

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