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Create Video Content That Engages Members, Increases Nondues Revenue

Let sponsors be thought leaders and content creators

By now it’s pretty clear that “business as usual” as a concept is over. Opportunities lie in places no one ever thought of looking before. Case in point: sponsors. There has been a traditional way of looking at sponsors, but what if you look at them as thought leaders who create value for members?

“Sponsors are seeing themselves as credible thought leaders today. They are seeing themselves as solution providers today, and they want to inform, educate, and inspire members,” said Dan Stevens, president of WorkerBee.TV, Inc., during a recent webinar, “Five Key Content Models That Engage Members and Sponsors.”

Make Video Work for You

Millennials, Gen Z and younger generations are at the stage of their careers where they are joining associations. And they are digital natives who expect and rely on video content. That means associations need to create videos that work for them. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that, Stevens said, is to integrate your sponsorship model with your content-planning model.

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