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How to Revamp Your Innovation Process in 30 Days

Innovation involves organizing and operating differently from standard protocols

With so much uncertainty about, well, everything, people are realizing that innovation — the process by which new things create value — is essential to thriving going forward. In my work advising senior teams on strategy and innovation topics, I’m getting a lot of inquiries along the lines of, “We need to create an innovation capability, but we don’t know where to start.”

Asking yourself these five questions is a good place to begin. In my experience, you can work your way through them, ideally with a little experienced guidance, in about 30 days. By then, you will know what projects are essential to succeed, how you will get projects into your portfolio (and which you might need to get out of it), where your innovation and growth unit will be located, and how you’ll start to work in earnest with a few small projects.

1. What is your growth gap?

While it’s quite common for executives to promise their investors both performance and growth, the reality is that they are seldom set up to deliver both. Typically, they are paying a lot more attention to day to day performance, as Oyster International’s Don Laurie and Harvard Business School’s Bruce Harreld describe.

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