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Keep Your Next Meeting's Pandemic-related Costs Manageable

The extra layers of COVID-safety protocols can get pricy

Events taking place during the pandemic have required an added layer of safety, which often comes with an added layer of expense. Those include costs for things like masks, extra signage, floor tiles indicating distancing, hand sanitizer, and even the costs of software or apps to help verify vaccination status.

Tim Turner, a COVID-19 compliance officer and executive producer for Freeman, said that organizations are adding the price of these extra safety and sanitation supplies into their meetings budgets.

“In the same process that you go through your meeting planning process and your budgeting process, that [COVID cost] just needs to be added to that,” Turner said. He said he’s generally seen fees for COVID-19 safety items raise the price between $25 to $50 per attendee, and some organizations will simply add the cost as a supplemental COVID registration fee, or up the price of their registration by that amount.

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