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Three Ways to Overcome your Penchant for Perfectionism

How to avoid the perils of perfectionism

During a profound and vulnerable conversation, one of my clients — an executive stakeholder for a Fortune 100 company — recently gifted me with this revelation about the unrealistic, even damaging expectations underlining modern workplace dynamics.

The expectation that leaders and managers can be perfect is paralyzing and a huge detriment to performance. I have personally struggled with perfectionism, at least to the extent of being afraid or anxious about making mistakes. But perfectionism, a growing trend in a young generation craving validation, is both a sure recipe for suffering and the enemy of progress. It slows you down and limits the performance potential of a person and a team.

While perfectionism is rooted in fear and insecurity, innovation requires risk — and taking risks means you’re going to make mistakes. When you try something new, you sometimes fail. That’s part of the process. Success is iterative.

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