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Borrow These Insights From Niche Communities

Deliver unique experiences to create a dedicated member base

People join associations in part because they’re made up of people who care about the same niche things they do. (Wood poles? Check. Bearded Santas? Check.) But there are other spaces for niche communities, such as Facebook groups and Reddit, that serve as another outlet to connect with like-minded individuals.

These niche online communities—spaces centered around a specific topic, interest, or profession—often have high engagement and deeply invested members. That’s what Jen Capstraw experienced with the Facebook group she founded, which eventually led to the organization Women of Email.

“I just turned out a Facebook group as a place for us to centralize our ideas and our conversation,” she said. Once she formed the community, she saw quick growth: “We had more than 50 members in 24 hours, and then 129 members by the third day. [The group] became permanent because that’s where people are on a daily basis.”

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