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How to Revamp Performance Reviews

Consider the value of self-reflection

Performance reviews are clearly in need of an overhaul. A 2019 Gallup poll found that a mere 14 percent of employees are strongly inspired to improve by their performance reviews. At best met with a lack of enthusiasm, at worst with resentment, this annual exercise in the era of The Great Resignation has scope for improvement.

Solutions are possible, for example, research shows that workers consider evaluations based on their own past performance to be fairer than those comparing them with the performance of colleagues. Yet self-reflection might need a bit of structure when it comes to evaluations.

Google conducts its bi-annual performance cycles in March and October. Post-Project Oxygen, it has become the model company to measure and value the performance of “good managers”. Working closely with the company, I saw the attention top executives put on talent in the middle and senior management team, and the encouraging focus on people development in the organization.

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