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Five Ways to Increase Your Virtual Event Moderation

Use these tools to 'level up' engagement

Since the pandemic began, organizations have tried to hold virtual events that match the level of engagement and participation you would see at in-person gatherings. Solutions have included using the right event platform, welcoming first-time attendees, offering breakout sessions and recruiting interesting guest speakers.

But there’s another element that can be just as important: good chat moderation. An engaging chat space can be the difference between a ho-hum virtual or hybrid event and a memorable one. That doesn’t always happen on its own—but a skilled chat moderator can help.

“Chat is the second most powerful tool on virtual—the first being talking on video,” said John Chen, author of Engaging Virtual Meetings. “If you get somebody who’s disengaged to reengage with your association, that’s super valuable. That to me is the value of a well-moderated chat.”

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