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The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

New study suggests just 15 steps every 30 minutes can make a difference

We all know sitting for too long during the day can have a negative impact on our health. In fact, one study found that too much time on one’s backside can actually negate the positive effects of exercise.

However, new research indicates there is an easy way to counteract this. It found that standing up and moving for approximately three minutes every 30 minutes may mitigate negative effects of over-sitting.

You don’t have to go full Joe Wicks and start doing burpees at your desk to get the benefits. The study found that taking as few as 15 steps during these micro-breaks improved blood sugar control in the office workers taking part. That said, the researchers suggest this likely represents the minimum amount of exercise required; throw in a few stair climbs or jumping jacks for a more challenging workout.

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