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Four Ways Online Communities Fit into Your Post-COVID Strategy

Insights shared by Breezio’s Kristina Toscano

It was inevitable for organizations to turn to online communities during the coronavirus pandemic, as communicating digitally became the “new normal” across the world. Now that we are transferring to a hybrid (virtual and in-person) working environment, online communities have a new role to play.

There are several benefits to having an online community for your association in general, but it is interesting to think about how community fits into your engagement strategy specifically post-COVID. Here are some ways online communities will benefit your members and staff alike:

1. Event Engagement – Before and After

In preparation for your annual conference or other events, online communities have been a great resource to connect people before and after the event actually happens. In Breezio, you are able to have a conversation around events, collaborate on topics and plan meetings all within the platform.

2. Virtual Networking

Making connections and staying connected are two different things. Online communities make staying connected easy and straightforward. After meeting people at conferences, it can be easy to lose touch quickly. Online communities provide a space for connections to last and content to be created!

3. A Central Hub for Hybrid Events

Several events and conferences are either still completely virtual or are hybrid. An online community provides a central location for virtual and in-person attendees to communicate and connect, even if they aren’t in the same room. Online communities, like Breezio, can even help you filter other attendees in the member directory so that you might find people with specific skills or accreditations.

4. Online Collaboration

In a post-COVID world, online collaboration is still relevant and necessary. Real-time collaboration and virtual interaction are imperative to any organization. Companies like Breezio offer content publishing tools that are powerful in the sense that collaboration is where They focus. In-line commenting, direct-chat and virtual event capabilities are just a few of the options organizations have at their disposal.


Ultimately, as the world shifts back to a sense of normalcy in a post-COVID world, online communities will be a smart investment as they are here to stay. Online engagement is centered around online communities. One of those online communities is Breezio.

Breezio was founded in 2014 in Rockville, Maryland. Originally, the product was created to serve the scientific research and publishing industry, but after being selected by companies outside the space as well as many non-profits and associations, Breezio shifted its focus to primarily serving membership and trade organizations. Now, Breezio's customer base is comprised mostly of non-profits and associations, with others in biotech, startup incubators, user groups and more. To find out more about the company, please visit

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