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Nondues Revenue in Pandemic Times

Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset

While most association missions revolve around helping members or industry goals, that mission can't be accomplished without funding and other sources of revenue. As the economy continues to be negatively affected by the pandemic, associations are looking to boost their nondues revenue. To find out what groups are doing to achieve this goal during these tumultuous times, I talked to a few experts, who say that new revenue streams start with having the right mindset.

"The associations that are going to generate new revenue—not your grandma's nondues revenue—are the ones that can embrace that entrepreneurial mindset and create an environment of change," said Teri Carden, cofounder and CEO of 100Reviews and organizer of the Non Dues-a-Palooza conference. "Creating an environment that's conducive to these changes is really tricky."

Carden said she likes associations to visualize successful nondues revenue approaches as the center of a Venn diagram with three ingredients.

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