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Ohio Education Association Condemns Substitute House Bill 327

The organization says it attacks honesty

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is appalled by the latest attempt to double down on "big government intrusion" into Ohio’s classrooms with the introduction of substitute House Bill 327 in the House State and Local Government Committee Wednesday morning. According to OEA, the anti-freedom state censorship bill is an affront to the people of Ohio, its educators, and, worst of all, its students, who will be greatly harmed by the provisions of House Sub Bill 327 if it is passed.

“Ohio’s students deserve an honest and reflective education to prepare them to engage with and shape the future of our interconnected society and economy," said OEA President Scott DiMauro. "Ohioans believe students and educators should have the freedom to teach and learn without fear of state censorship, intimidation, and punishment. But, if the big government mandates of HB 327 become law, our children will be grievously deprived of the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and learn from our mistakes by creating an oppressive and fear-based learning environment, and the growing teacher shortage will become exponentially worse."

“Ohio’s kids need caring, qualified educators in their classrooms to help them become tomorrow’s doctors, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders," DiMauro added. "Unfortunately, the provisions of HB 327 – which have come about as part of a carefully coordinated national campaign by disingenuous organizations resulting in divisive and dishonest attacks on educators, our communities and public schools – will drive teachers from their classrooms who can’t afford to lose their homes to sue-happy parents with a vendetta against the truth. The chilling effect on a profession already struggling to attract new entrants would be devastating."

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