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Ways to Offset the 'Great Resignation'

One CEO offers advice on retention

The Great Resignation is real. A recent Gallup poll found 48 percent of America’s workforce is actively job searching or watching for opportunities, and a record 4 million people quit their jobs in April alone, according to the Labor Department. A lot of business leaders are wondering why this mass exodus is happening.

It’s not that employees are discovering something different about themselves they didn’t know before the pandemic, said Josh Christopherson, CEO of technology and coaching companies iCUE Technology and Achieve Today. Normally, lots of people have different points in their career when they wonder if they are happy and fulfilled in their jobs. But when the pandemic hit and everyone went home at once, it caused many people to reassess everything.

“It wasn’t anything unusual that was happening to the individual,” said Christopherson. “It’s just that the circumstances caused everybody to do it all at the same time.”

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