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Why Learning Sessions Can Help Co-workers Grow

Benefit from regular meetings where staff members share knowledge

Creating a more adaptable, more resilient organization requires time for reflection: teams must have opportunities to be candid about the progress (or lack thereof) towards their goals, to work through how to achieve their desired outcomes, and hopefully, to learn from their colleagues’ experiences.

That’s why we encourage Learning Roundtables, which bring teams together to share updates on new approaches to their work. Like retrospectives, they’re oriented to the future, with the goal of pausing, recalibrating, and moving forward together, rather than assigning blame or rehashing the past. As such, they’re a critical part of our Adaptive Planning process, and we recommend holding one every quarter. Of course, a Learning Roundtable doesn’t have to be a part of Adaptive Planning; you can set one up whenever you see an opportunity for your organization to get smarter about how it operates and build its capacity for change. If you want to host one for your team:

  • Call for participants. A roundtable is an opportunity for teams to showcase what they’ve been working on, so your first step is to find willing participants. If you’re conducting a roundtable as part of the AP process, ask Bet Leaders if they want to participate, or if they’d like to recommend a member from their team. Otherwise, use your network or survey the organization to identify people who are attempting new ways of working.

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