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Why Some People See More Disturbing Content on Facebook Than Others

The Facebook Papers are shedding light on many inconsistencies

Some users are significantly more likely to see disturbing content on Facebook than others, according to internal company documents leaked by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

A 2019 report from Facebook's Civic Integrity team details the results of a study that measured the impact of removing certain integrity protections from some users' News Feeds. It found that 11 percent of users saw content marked as "disturbing;" 39 percent saw content that could be considered "hateful" and 32 percent saw "borderline" content containing some form of nudity every day on the platform.

This reporting is based on Haugen's disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which were also provided to Congress in redacted form by her legal team. The redacted versions received by Congress were obtained by a consortium of news organizations, including TIME. Some publications have described them as the “Facebook Papers.”

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