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Ted Lasso Is Reinventing Leadership

Nice leaders can finish first Halloween, I dressed up as my favorite superhero, Ted Lasso. Trading in the traditional cape for a chestnut brown mustache, my costume choice is a no-brainer. And not just because I already have a mustache, but because, in my opinion, Lasso is the hero we need.

A year ago, Apple TV+ released Ted Lasso, a show about a small-time American football coach who accepts a job in the U.K. coaching the AFC Richmond football team. This show became a huge success with fans and critics alike, earning numerous Emmy awards and the admiration of millions. Even William Shatner is a "Ted Head."

The success of this show may seem surprising. From the outside perspective, there is nothing extraordinary about Ted Lasso. He's a regular, if not kind of dweeby, guy coaching football in England. So what? 

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