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Mindful Leadership is a Combination of 'Grit and Grace'

Leaders need both grace and compassion when dealing with others

In recent memory, the world has seen profound changes in almost every facet of business and society, and the change is ongoing. Though it’s taken center stage — with good reason — the pandemic isn’t the only urgent issue facing humanity. In a torrent of contemporary challenges, COVID-19 accelerated some changes that were inevitable, brought the need for others into stark focus and served as a backdrop for the constant flux of an evolving world.

The business community has a starring role to play in every major issue of our time, and the opportunities and risks in each are significant. Taking an active role in shaping the future is more important than ever as leaders navigate and co-create the "next normal."

Whether we will have the Roaring "20s or the Groaning" 20s remains to be seen, but strong leadership will be essential as companies learn from the past, confront urgent issues head on and plan for the future.

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