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How a Canceled Event Led to an Organization's New Revenue Stream

Find new tricks with existing tech

Like many organizations, the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting faced many challenges when their annual event was canceled in 2020. But unlike many organizations, the self-described “small-but-mighty” staff didn’t throw in the towel and accept their fate. They got to work.

In many instances during a crisis, there is the temptation to look far and wide for a miracle solution. But sometimes, as PAS Meeting’s Senior Resource Development Coordinator Kelly Schmalfeldt learned, the solution might be sitting right in front of you.

“We were using a retargeting platform to advertise our meetings and calls for scientific research,” said Schmalfeldt. “With retargeting, you are able to cookie anyone who visits your website and then serve content and ads to them wherever they may go on the internet. After our event was canceled, we learned about a monetization feature in the platform that would allow us to offer those same retargeting capabilities to our event sponsors and exhibitors. Basically, sponsors would be able to serve ads to the people who visited our site—the same audience they would have been in front of at an in-person event.”

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