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A No-cost Way to Both Raise Membership Dues and Benefit Members

Make the whole process seamless and successful

When and how much to raise membership dues is a perennially delicate topic, further complicated by the economic hardships associations have faced in the past 18 months. Many associations paused raising dues, but with escalating costs and a new year approaching, it’s time to reassess the situation.

Dan Bond, CAE, president and CEO of the Synthetic Turf Council knew it was time to raise membership dues. STC hadn’t increased dues in many years, but its board was reluctant to do it because of potential pushback from members.

Provide Members Real Value

Bond had an idea: An outside group had put together a global industry market report that didn’t focus on North America, where many of STC’s members are based. Bond spoke to the board and explained that if STC could justify a 10 percent dues increase by providing members with an industry market report they could not conduct on their own, it would be a win-win.

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