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Case Study: Building an Effective Public Campaign

Ensure your vision is grounded in specific objectives

Sometimes, associations need to reach a broader audience to advance their mission. The National Council for Mental Wellbeing, one of the organizations highlighted in the ASAE Research Foundation’s Impact Every Day initiative, connected with a large public audience to support its Mental Health First Aid training program.

The National Council’s members are healthcare organizations and management entities, but leaders recognized that outcomes for those experiencing mental health issues or addiction depend on public recognition of symptoms and signs and greater understanding of how to respond. The steps the council took to connect with a broader audience provide insights for anyone seeking to amplify their organization’s messages.

Big Vision, Specific Objectives

The council launched its Mental Health First Aid program in 2008 with a big vision. Increased public understanding would be both the cause and the effect of the program’s success, so the council set out to make mental health first aid training as common as CPR training.

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