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A Musical Response to the Great Resignation

Love the one you're with

My daughter recently reminded me of that old song by Stephen Stills (and covered by many), "Love the One You’re With." If you’re not familiar, it’s got a great beat and a timely message to today’s leaders – one that should immediately be incorporated into their playlists and playbooks.

Organizations, leaders, managers and the media have (understandably) been obsessed with the loss of talent associated with the Great Resignation, but there’s even greater risk in not being equally obsessed with attending to the talent that has chosen (at least for now) to remain.

Decades ago, psychologists and HR professionals recognized the emotional and physical toll on employees following rounds of layoffs. The fear, guilt and depression expressed by those who remained was termed "survivor syndrome," and efforts were made to address the issue. It’s time we invest similar effort in today’s "survivors" – people who have not joined the great migration and instead show up (virtually or in person) day-in and day-out to take care of business.

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