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Biden Names Mitch Landrieu to Oversee Infrastructure Rollout

Landrieu, a former mayor of New Orleans, will supervise the distribution of funds

On Sunday evening, President Joe Biden named Mitch Landrieu, a former mayor of New Orleans and a former lieutenant governor of Louisiana, to oversee $1 trillion in infrastructure spending from the bipartisan legislation that the president will sign into law on Monday.

As a senior adviser to Mr. Biden with the title of infrastructure coordinator, Mr. Landrieu will supervise funds for upgrading roads, bridges, pipes and broadband internet as the federal government distributes the money to states over the next several years, the White House said in a statement.

“In this role, Landrieu will oversee the most significant and comprehensive investments in American infrastructure in generations — work that independent experts verify will create millions of high-paying, union jobs while boosting our economic competitiveness in the world, strengthening our supply chains and acting against inflation for the long term,” the statement said.

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