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Why Millennial Managers are Burnt Out

What's next for these leaders?

When she applied for a promotion at work last year, Lea, a 25-year-old from Pennsylvania, was confident she could do the job. "It was a middle management role at a non-profit media organization, essentially managing the team I was already on," she said.

She got the promotion and a pay rise, but things went rapidly downhill. Lea, who is withholding her surname because she still works at the same company, was soon feeling overworked. This led to physical and mental exhaustion. Every day became a struggle.

"Everyone has their work woes, but I really liked my job before I was promoted, and suddenly I really didn't anymore." After just nine months, Lea resigned from the position. "I didn't realize until I stepped away just how much I'd really taken on," she said.

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