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ASAE Announces More Changes for Associations Now

An introduction to the next iteration of the publication

More than 15 years ago, I walked into ASAE’s doors on my first day of work as editorial assistant—and now, I feel honored (and older) to be here as editor-in-chief.

In that time, we launched the print-only version of Associations Now in 2005, which was followed by our combination print and digital program in 2012. And now, it feels like we have come full circle with our initial slate of digital-first offerings: the newly redesigned and AI-driven Associations Now Daily News, along with our bimonthly digital Deep Dive packages.

While we all know the pandemic upended a lot of what association professionals have deemed “business as usual,” I’m confident that our new lineup is right in line with what you’re looking for to help you achieve your own organization’s goals and drive revenue. More importantly, we kept the stuff that has always made AN work: the thought leadership and practical content on association management. 

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